The first mobile photo and chat app for Canadian healthcare professionals.

Using ShareSmart, healthcare professionals form private and secure social networks of their peers allowing them to share sensitive patient photos in a reliable manner and discuss the findings via the app. The new manner of communication is transforming the speed at which doctors can share and discuss ultimately providing greater care to their patients.

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What people are saying about ShareSmart

One of the Five Best Healthcare Apps of 2016.
I admit it, I take photos of my patients all the time, obviously after I ask them if it’s ok, knowing its not ideal to send these through a text. I did used to worry that I might accidently send private photos of people to the wrong person and get in trouble but sometimes its necessary in the interest of patient care. ShareSmart changes the game.
Vancouver-based Emergency Physician, S.S.
I use my phone all the time to take photos in the hospital. We all do it. I’m glad you guys are developing a secure solution.
Toronto-based Radiologist, E.P
I find it easier to take a photo with my phone and send it over text and follow-up with a phone call, rather than just trying to describe the situation over the phone.
Edmonton-based Nurse, A.C