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Our team lives and breathes in healthcare solutions. We invoke change that will make it better, smarter and healthier.

A staggering volume of private patient information is being sent over non-secure smartphone devices. Our studies show, that just in Canada, 80 percent of physicians reported sending clinical photos of their patients to colleagues, regularly. On a global level, this equates to millions of photos floating around insecurely in cyberspace, vulnerable to unauthorized viewing by prying eyes. This illustrates the scale of the issue and a need for a solution that acknowledges the prevalence of smartphone use in healthcare practice. With this we assembled a team of the bright experts in privacy law, tech and medicine to develop ShareSmart, designed to address the intricacies of this global unsecure mobile communication issue.

We are excited to finally introduce ShareSmart to you and trust it will fuel efficiency gains and patient care enhancement in your practice of healthcare.

  • Rena Tabata

    Rena Tabata, M.Sc. CEO & FOUNDER

    Rena is the founder and CEO of Think Tank. She led UBC Medicine’s initiatives to advance health ethics and integrate the Royal College’s Physician & Surgeon competency areas, such as information management, in to the medical curriculum. For the past 6 yrs, she’s led strategy and teams for a Fortune500 on global energy projects valued at $2.4Bil USD.

  • Justin Yeung


    Dr. Justin Yeung is a co-founder and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with both clinical and academic appointments. He and his colleagues have been seeking a smartphone app so that they can openly use their phones to text and take photos. He is pleased with the performance of ShareSmart and how it is enhancing patient care and medical collaboration in his practice.

  • Robert Jung


    Rob Jung is a co-founder and lawyer. He has expertise assisting both early-stage and more established companies, many of which are listed on the TSX, TSX Venture and NYSE, and an interest in privacy. He has also advised startups in the tech and healthcare space. He is called to the bar in both British Columbia and New York.

  • Demetrios Rizis


    Demetrios is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in Montreal. A respected member of the medical community, he actively implements progressive policy and practices to enhance patient care. He’s pleased to see his practice community comprised of both Anglophone and Francophone healthcare professionals are finding the app useful and are replacing the use of unsecure alternatives with ShareSmart.

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