Who uses ShareSmart?
ShareSmart is a trusted leader in secure clinical communication. We provide privacy legislation compliant mobile photo- and message- sharing services for all healthcare providers. Current users include nurses, physicians, dentists, specialists, allied health professionals, medical laboratory testing facilities, healthcare programme students, and researchers.
Is ShareSmart compliant with privacy regulations?
Yes. ShareSmart is compliant with PIPEDA, HIA, HIPAA, GDPR and Japanese privacy standards. Additionally, ShareSmart is recognized by the OIPC in Alberta.
Can I try ShareSmart before I subscribe for services?
Yes. Our customer success team can arrange a demonstration and set-up a trial.
I’m looking to buy for my team, are there discounts available?
Yes! Contact us to learn how ShareSmart can drive productivity and enhance information management in your organization and to learn more about enterprise pricing options.

Account information

I forgot my login information / password.
From the app login, select the “forgot password” link which will prompt you through the process of retrieving your account login or password.
How can I change my payment details?
Individual users can update payment details in the app store from where you downloaded the ShareSmart app.
How do I increase my cloud storage capacity?
If you go to “Settings” in the app, you will find a button that says “Upgrade to ShareSmart+”. Follow the prompts to upgrade your cloud capacity.
What happens if I delete the ShareSmart app?
All of your photos uploaded to the cloud will be accessible once you reinstall the app and provide the same login credentials associated with the account in which you saved your media.
What do I do if I’ve lost my phone?
Contact us so we can freeze your account to maintain the media stored in the cloud. We can also initiate a remote wipe of ShareSmart app, above and beyond the remote wipe functions you may or may not have set up on your device.
Can I upgrade my ShareSmart Basic to an Infinite account? How does migration work?
If you already use ShareSmart, moving to a “ShareSmart Infinite” account is easy! All your content will stay the same – your files will stay where they are and all your settings (like photo upload preference, photo tags and albums) will remain the same. For admins, all of your professionals who already use ShareSmart will have the same experience, and anyone without an existing ShareSmart account will be prompted to sign up after you populate their information in the admin web interface.
I’m seeing incorrect timestamps on my messages.
If the timestamps shown on your received messages are incorrect, please check the time and time zone settings on your mobile device. We recommend settings your time and time zone settings to Automatic or Network Provided.

Cloud Storage

How do I find out how much cloud space I have used?
From “Settings” you can find your cloud space details.

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