Finally, a chat and photo app compliant with privacy laws, designed for healthcare professionals.

Whether you’re practicing in Toronto ,New York, Paris or Singapore, we’ve got you covered. Sharesmart’s legal team has worked diligently to ensure that we have integrated the nuances of global health information and privacy requirements into an app.


Security for clinical photos and conversations

Comprehensive security

Clinical photos and chat conversations are automatically synced to healthcare’s most secure cloud, NorthCloud, and are transmitted with state-of-the-art encryption. In the event your phone is stolen or you wish to no longer use your device, you can port your account to a new device and wipe the original phone clean of any sensitive data.

Encrypted data and NorthCloud

In most global healthcare acts, healthcare professionals are required to notify individuals at the first reasonable opportunity in the event of theft or loss of a mobile device that contains their health information. With ShareSmart, you do not have to notify each of your patients as all data is encrypted and stored remotely on NorthCloud. In the case that your mobile phone hasn’t been connected to the internet since taking in patient information, ShareSmart’s strong encryption ensures that there is no actual loss of information.

User authentication

ShareSmart users are verified healthcare professionals, providing for an additional layer of security for your sensitive patient information.

Segregation of personal and professional activity

Medical photos and chat conversations with healthcare colleagues are segregated from the phone’s native and tertiary photo albums, chat programs and storage to ensure that sensitive patient information is not inadvertently distributed or shown to an unauthorized individual. No more mixing of personal and professional photos.

Supporting healthcare professionals practicing in Canada and around the world